Kai Stöcker

Kai Stöcker

Executive Producer

Born and raised in Rosenheim, a little city in the south of Germany, Kai grew up in a very happy, healthy world.
But it was a very small world and he decided to move to the next bigger city, Munich, to study there.

To finance his student life, Kai started working for a small advertising agency called Arc-en-Ciel. It turned out that his job as account manager and PR consultant, forced him to go windsurfing every weekend, to test sails for his client NeilPryde. Not a bad start.

Soon he acquired his second client, Oxbow and went snowboarding in winter and surfing in summer for them. He was paid good money for that.

Kai started to like the advertising world and got hooked. Soon Munich became to small and he moved to London for a while to end up in Hamburg in 2001, building up the German office for UK based company “The Comfort Zone”.
After two more stops in Hamburg, at the highly awarded filmproduction companies Markenfilm and Cobblestone, Kai moved to Berlin in 2008 and started Cobblestone Berlin.

After doing film productions for more than 15 years, he then moved to Amsterdam in 2012 and joined Minivegas
(a digital studio), where he learned a lot about interactive work, digital installations, data visualization and all sorts of codes.

In August 2013 David Olsson, the CEO of Acne, called him and asked him to take care of Acne Germany. It was and still is a great place to combine his digital knowledge with his film experience and to add some of his agency skills.