François Chilot

Founder of

Commercial Film Producers of Europe


In 1984, after 10 years as Director of Productions at TBWA, François Chilot founded LES PRODUCERS. In 2000, LES PRODUCERS was ranked as one of the 10 Best Production Companies in the world at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

For the past 19 years François Chilot has been President of the Commercial Film Producers of Europe and the Young Director Award. CFP-E represents Advertising Film Producers from 16 European countries, that is over 600 production companies throughout Western Europe.

The World Producers Summit meets annually at the Cannes Advertising Festival Week - gathering over 100 producers from around the world, represented by the CFP-E, the APA (UK) and the AICP (USA).

Since 2012 the WPS also meets at the AdFest.

François Chilot is regularly invited on various professional juries and as a speaker at numerous advertising festivals and award ceremonies around the world.