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Stephane Lecoq is a Creative Director born and raised in France. Throughout the years he has worked for many famous agencies in Paris including Buzzman Paris, TBWA MAP and Saatchi & Saatchi Paris. In 2011 Stephane moved to Amsterdam where he has led the creative output for global brands like HP, PlayStation – including the launch of PS4 and Replay Jeans. Alongside his work in the agency world, he also takes what time is left over to indulge in his other great passion: directing music videos.



How does the beauty of fashion live with the 'beast' of commercial realities? 

Creativity and ideas has always been a brand's secret weapon. It's critical competitive advantage.
And while there's always been a healthy tension between the artful nature of creativity or ideas and the commercial realities of the business, that tension becomes even more stark in the world of fashion brands. Over the past 3 years, 180 AMSTERDAM has worked with brands including Replay and Benetton who had lost their way as businesses and needed ideas that could put them back on track.

Creating films that can help tell these brand's stories in a way that reflects the commercial needs of the business but are powerful, engaging and truthful to the needs of both the brand and to the imaginations of the customer, is a balancing act. The Beast of business has creative mandatories, product messages, KPIs, sales targets and calls to action. The Beauty of film has emotion, storytelling, craft and subtlety. In this talk we explore what it takes for Beauty and the Beast to live happily ever after.  

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