Senior Creative Producer
Stella McCartney


Master of Arts and Science with major brand experience: After studying History of Contemporary Art at the University of Amsterdam she stayed connected to art and fashion ever since. 

She has founded ARTNPUBLIC a platform for young talents in the fields of fine arts and has been the project manager for the Dutch Fashion Foundation. This open-minded and forward attitude brought her to major brands and houses all over the world. 

She has been Head of Photography Division for Eric Elenbaas Agency who's renowned accounts & clients have names like Mexx, Bjorn Borg, Nike, Levi’s Strauss Company, Vogue, ELLE and more...  

As a logical consequence of that, she worked for Tommy Hilfiger's Global Headquarters as Senior Creative Producer and managed high-end fashion projects from beginning to end. Now she's the decision maker in the same position for Stella McCartney!

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