Photographer, director and winner of Best Make Up and Hair at BFFF 2015

We’d like to know more about “Show Me More”, winner of Best Make Up and Hair at BFFF 2015. What was the inspiration behind it? The drive?

The inspiration behind “Show Me More” was the task: Create a film for a well known fashion stylist who has a unique way of working and appearance.

His signature is always recognisable because even on the most commercial assignments, he adds a tiny bit of weirdness, of fun. So I was looking for an idea that expressed this by defying viewer’s expectations. And I always wanted to create a fashion film that took place in a strip show.

After mentally running through various undressing-scenarios, it occured to me that Rolf is not really interested in naked women. He would want them to put on clothes, not take them off.

So there it was: A reverse striptease. We took our time to flesh out this concept, dramatize the situation, find the perfect girl, beautifully talented Christina, create an exciting and practical set and let Max Hüttermann shoot the film handheld, intensifying the story’s intimacy.

My direction for Dagmar Schwarz, who wonderfully did Hair and Make-up, was simple: Make it seductive and beautiful, but preserve a hint of imperfection. My most important goal for the film was to strongly build up tension, to reveal the reversal as a real surprise in the film.

What makes a good Fashion Film ?

A unique idea with a matching visual style, believable actors, the natural incorporation of the products as opposed to just showcasing them, the perfect interaction of all elements.

When in doubt: remove something.

In you opinion, what makes the difference: craft or creativity ?

Without creativity, craft has no content. Without craft, creativity has no power.

Impossible to separate the two.

Who would would you like to direct one day?

The “who” depends on the “what”. I am happy directing for clients big and small who let me collaborate creatively, not just in terms of craft.

That said, I would love to work with Julianne Moore one day.

What would you say makes BFFF special?

BFFF cares. A lot.

The most important institution for Fashion Film in Germany feels like family.

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