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Creative Speed Dating is BFFF’s most direct opportunity to connect with your next commissioner. Brands, agencies, and producers are constantly on the lookout for fresh new ideas and talents to produce outstanding content for the huge variety of channels and devices required today.

This year there are two separate Creative Speed Dating sessions. One for directors and a B2B round for production companies. Let us know who you are and we’ll hook you up!


Why Creative Speed Dating?



We’ve seen a great amount of talented directors out there. But even though lots of them have great reels knowing which door to knock on first to get work isn’t that easy.

Brands and producers on the other hand are constantly on the lookout for fresh and new ideas to deliver outstanding content for the huge variety of platforms, media outputs and devices required today. But having the time to scout talent is often a struggle.

With Creative Speed Dating by BFFF we’re bringing both parties together and help to establish valuable and sustainable relationships between directing talents, production companies, agencies and brands.

How does it work?

During BFFF’s Creative Speed Dating you’ll have one-on-one meetings with hand-picked decision makers from leading companies. Within a specific amount of time, you can present yourself and pitch your work or talent to your potential next client and business partner.

You choose the people you want to meet. Show them your reel or rooster and tell them a bit about yourself. Decision makers from the industry will have a look at your work and decide on a meeting with you. Being invited to a CSD session gives you the chance to meet them personally and present yourself directly to hand-picked professionals.

In order to apply for a meeting at Creative Speed Dating for Director’s you have to get a BFFF CONNECT Ticket or a B2B Ticket when you’re a production company. Three meeting requests will be included in your ticket purchase. You will receive a confirmation email including further instructions.

Registration for this event closes June 22th. A confirmation regarding your actual participation in meetings will be send to you by July 9th.

Have a look at our past CSD session in Berlin.


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Take the chance to present your work to the right people. Meet decision makers from top companies and put things up to eleven…


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