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Felicitas Olschewski – Creative Director – 72S Ams

The narrative challenge for fashion brands in the age of rapid-changing consumer values

What is ‘sustainable’? Eco? Green? Cardboard? The perception of sustainability is broken. As “green” products fail to build a story which connects with consumers, its place remains in the ecostore, trapped in the cause world, or in the recycling bin.

Sustainability has become a white-washed marketing label with no premise and no promise. However, as consumer values are changing, brands have the power to unlock it.

This talk explores the current marketing and branding landscape around sustainability and introduces the unlocked million dollar opportunity for brands to drive a new momentum towards the topic by creating engaging narrative experiences.

Audiences will learn, how the use of creativity and storytelling can reinvent sustainability and make it fashionable, innovative and part of today’s pop-culture.