The work must have premiered (i.e., it was publicly displayed for the first time) online or offline after March 15, 2016, or has not premiered elsewhere at the time you submitted it. 

To enter Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2017's contest, you have to read and accept our Terms. The submitted work must be of your authorship and include all the relevant licenses and/or copyrights.

In order to be considered for the BFFF Awards, your work should have a strong emphasis on style or be commissioned by a Brand or Media within the following industries:


Household Goods; Artisanal and Custom made products; Home Appliances & Furnishings; Cars & Auto Services; Home Electronics & Audio-visual;  Retail Stores;

Foods & Drinks; Restaurants & Fast Food Chains; Travel, Transport & Tourism including Hotels, Resorts and Travel Experiences; Entertainment & Leisure.


Including sportswear, swimwear, lingerie, shoes, socks, stockings, hats, gloves, eyewear, writing instruments,

wrist watches, jewellery, luggage, handbags, smoking materials and other portable accessories.


Perfumes, eau de toilette & aftershaves, cosmetics, skin & nail care products, deodorants & body sprays, shampoos & conditioners, hairspray, gel, mousse, 

soap, shower & bath products, solar protection products, shaving products, condoms, deodorants, beauty institutes, spas, bath and shower additives.