Post-production before the cameras roll: There’s no doubt, visual effects are constantly changing cinema as we know it. But still, VFX companies are apparently finding it difficult to stay solvent. In this scenario fashion films seem to open a new field where visual effects artists can expand our film-language, creating mind-bending imagery, new experiences and redefine our sense of aesthetics.

The time a fashion film is using to create an atmosphere and making a statement, allows more artistic freedom – not exhausting the virtuosity while working with and within this exciting medium… Frame by frame special effects in cinema have presented the cutting edge technologies of their eras. Berlin Fashion Film Festival gives a shout out to those creatives, who invent and build visually impressive and ground-breaking worlds that are co-inventing the future!

Visual effects artistry stands in the heart of a transformation towards new international dynamics. We can watch reality and effect, as well as art forms and artists getting closer as we speak! As long as technology develops, we can be sure that more of those creations are going to stimulate us!

Enjoy this year’s BFFF-Award Winning Films for best VFX with us!



“Don’t You Know You’re Queen”


Directed by Arice
BFFF’17 Best Experimental Video
BFFF’17 Gold Award for VFX



Directed by Alan Masferrer
Silver Award for VFX




Directed by Martyna Iwańska
BFFF’17 Bronze Award for VFX
Flota Filmowa Chimney Poland


Do you have any cutting-edge VFX on stock? Any mind-bending creations, that will push our social discourses and aesthetic values into new directions?
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