Interview with the Winner: Tom Bridges - Lost and Found


Managing director and winner of Best VFX and Cinematography at BFFF 2015

We'd like to know more about "Lost and Found" , WINNER OF Best VFX and Cinematography at last year's BFFF. How did you come up with the idea ?

The brief we had from Woolmark was a simple one: make the wool production process interesting. After a few false starts, we came up with the simple idea of showing the process from the wool’s point of view, at a macro scale.

From there, we came up with a simple narrative – adding elements of drama, of fear, tension and relaxation – which all helped to create a connection with the viewer.

What would say makes the difference: craft or creativity ?

In our studio, craft and creativity feed each other. New techniques inform new ideas, and vice versa.

That said, all the craft in the world won’t save a poor creative concept: it’s the idea that’s key.

In you opinion, what is the perfect client ?

The director / client relationship has to be based on complete trust, first and foremost. That’s quite rare in our experience.

Add in a willingness to put aside egos, a healthy budget and a good sprinkling of charm, and we’re getting close.

Why do you direct ?

The sheer thrill of bringing an abstract concept to life. We get involved at all stages of the process: from concept to shoot;

from script to the visual effects, and each step brings you just a tiny bit closer to that crazy idea you had a few months ago.

What is your most memorable moment at BFFF last year ?

We loved the atmosphere at BFFF

– and the finale, of course!


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