In the Know - The new campaign by Geox is a fresh of breath air


Geox gets in with Rankin for new global campaign


"To live life to its fullest, you need to #startbreathing". This is the message behind the new Geox campaign in collaboration with photographer Rankin to reposition the brand as modern and premium. 

The campaign focuses on the their Nebula shoe photographed midair by Rankin. The shoe is composed by a flexible breathing membrane sole, making it weightless and durable at the same time.

Giovanni Peracin, vice president of marketing worldwide at Geox, said: “Geox as a brand is on a journey from a rational, functional territory – the shoes with breathable soles – to something far more emotionally engaging.

This shift in focus will open up new audiences and widen the brand’s appeal, helping the business achieve its five-year growth plan.”

“For me, this campaign is all about doing something fresh and exciting,” Rankin said. “It feels invigorating to be part of taking a brand in a bold new direction, to grab an audience’s attention and get them thinking about Geox in a new way.”

The campaign will be launched for the men's wear trade fair Pitti Uomo in Florence. The campaign, created by Doner, is expected to grow Geox by 300% over the next five years. 

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