An Interview With The Winner: Rob Jarvis - The Foley Artist


Photographer, Director of Photography, Creative Director and Winner of Best Casting, Original Music and Production Design at BFFF 2015


We'd like to know more about the film that won Casting, Original Music, and Production Design at last year's BFFF. What was the inspiration behind it? The drive?

Stemming from the Director, Oliver Holms' initial idea of a model having her daily routine sound designed, we wanted to make a fashion film that was light hearted and entertaining. Different from the norm in the fact that as  

a fashion film, it didn't take itself too seriously -most of the time we don't take ourselves too seriously and I think that comes across in our work.

In your opinion, what makes a good fashion film?

A good fashion film should have the ability to engage with people from all walks of life and not just those with a keen interest in fashion or within the industry.

Fashion is so very expressive and personal in its nature therefore a good fashion film should reflect this without alienating any one.


Can you tell us more about London as a creative city and what it means to you? How has it helped you?

London is massively competitive when it comes to the creative industries.This makes starting out very tough but after you have survived your first year the competition keeps you on your toes and ensures you always keep very high standards for every project you work on.

The fact that London is so media centric also creates a wealth of the best talent the world has to offer, this makes for exciting collaborations. 

What would you say was your most memorable moment at BFFF last year?

My most memorable moment was sitting at the back of the room whilst our film screened. We had been working on it for so long that we weren't sure if it was even funny any more, so to have the whole room burst into laughter  

together (and in all the right places) was a really gratifying moment. Comedy works best when watched with others and BFFF made for a great audience to premier our first comedy.


"A good fashion film should have the ability to engage with people from all walks of life"


What can we expect from you in the near future?

Plenty more fashion films! The genre offers so much scope for creativity and experimentation.

We will also be making our first venture into drama in the new year.