Time for some raving nostalgia


The hazel tree in front of our window tells us: 

...Plus, It´s Monday.

Start your week with us! 


Some might say autumn is the Monday of seasons. But we don´t want to be too harsh on both ones, they have their special charm and beauty, we don´t want to miss: Don´t forget about their inspirational force - what would melancholy be, without any shiver during lonesome walks in a golden park? 

Yes, the leaves are slowly turning yellow. Yes, we had a great weekend and yes the sun is shining, but... yes, we have a Monday feeling too. Since it´s officially autumn, things are changing fast - we have to get our knitwear out pretty soon, and it´s going to be cozy in our Kreuzberg backyard office! 

We look back at a summer full of Open-Air festivities, relaxing at the Spree, and of course we think about this year´s BFFF-Show! However, we thought to use this fickleness for some special type of Berlin-Nostalgia. How about some good old days techno sound, that raves you into the week? You´re more than welcome to join us, we promise, we won´t be too sentimental...

But first things first: Our recommendation for today: "B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West-Berlin (1979-1989)", a declaration of love to our city, we are inviting you to over and over again..., how it was back then and how it´s mythology got a new twist! If you haven´t watched it yet - there´s no argument anymore for not watching it within the next few days!

If you´re in Vietnam, no worries then, take a bus to Hanoi , they are playing it there too! 

New Order used some footage out of this time-capsule of a documentary for their last show at the recent Lollapalooza at Treptower Park. You can put "Blue Monday" on high volume now, but you need to watch this one! Walk through Berlin, touch the Wall and imagine how it must have been to live in this surroundings, in a city that connects historicity with young and vibrant styles on a very special and liberal way! You might recognise some of the faces there, running around in fresh outfits through a typical Berlin back in the days!

Apropos, since we are talking about changes... 

The artificially prolonged discussion among intellectuals, about "crossing the border and closing the gap" when it comes to separate the elite from mass culture, art with higher value and pure entertainment, went onto another level. DJanes and DJs can now proudly regard themselves equal to a conductor in an opera. Thanks to the most famous electronic music club in Berlin
-The Berghain- (an institution for itself), which has just won a legal battle with the fiscal court regarding the taxation of its income... An event in the renowned location belongs to high culture nowadays. They've simply done it the german way...

What started around 30 years ago in clubs like Tresor, Exit, Bunker, Planet, E-Werk or Fischlabor turned history upside down and gave a whole generation a new sound and tool to express themselves. What we have known for a long time, is now written on paper!
From time to time institutions, can´t help but give a shout out to each other... The german state knows to good, what our party culture is worth!

We´re talking about a long time here, as for now, polish your raver boots and be prepared for the 24/7 Berlin-Rave!

Heads up, have a look on our blog tomorrow! #TechTuesday

We´re heading to the LoveParade 1995 now - we know we went bit nasty with on that one, but all in all, look at the crowd! Don´t you miss it?! 


Peace on Earth!


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