An Interview With The Winners: Jan & Raf Roosens - Love To See


Directors, Producers and Winners of Best Idea and Direction at BFFF 2015

We'd like to know more about "Love to see", winner of Best Idea and Direction at last year's BFFF. How did you come up with the idea? What was the inspiration behind it?

Actually, the idea came a bit out of nowhere. We wanted to tell the course of a relationship on the basis of one space.

That space became the elevator where they meet each other every day.Furthermore, we wanted to create tension between dream and reality.

Who would would you like to direct one day?

Currently it’s a matter of what rather than who. We’ve just received support for the development of our first feature film!


So we are hoping to start shooting this film soon.

Could you tell us what was you most unforgettable moment in the film world?

In preparation of our first feature we shot a short film named Copain. In May this year the

short premiered in the official competition of the Cannes Filmfestival. An amazing experience!

Who was your experience of BFFF?

BFFF was absolutely great. We are working on a new fashion film as we speak and we hope to be back in 2016!

 You’ll be hearing from us.

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