I wish there was some hip way of telling you this, baby, but, ah… you’re one with and part of an ever-expanding, loving, joyful, glorious, and harmonious universe.
– From the movie ‘The Trip’

Ready for some beautifully kaleidoscopic and consciousness-expanding aesthetics? Alright then, get yourself cozy and press play whenever you feel like it… Regard this as a special form of ‘guided meditation’. No worries and no rush, there’s plenty to discover, we got you safe.

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To celebrate the collaboration between streetwear brand PATTA and music festival DEKMANTEL director Bear Damen made a film that portrays two worlds that are bridged. It tells a story on an emotional level. About people discovering each other’s worlds through screens, watching each other burn and create. These worlds are temporary bubbles leaking into each other. Often unwittingly copying and feeding our collective mind.


A voyeuristic view into hidden luxury takes a psychedelic turn in INFINITY (Pool), written and directed by AU Matt for VOGUE Korea. Let your mind wander as you trip into the world of private resorts, where swimwear-clad nymphs lead your subconscious down the path of technological spirituality. Directed by Au Matt


The video is a subliminal conversation that correlating the jewels with cosmic asteroids via an enigmatic sensation they shared, and this presence taking place in Grand Palais is documented in a video art fashion. By Brute Sea


Laetitia Negre film ‘Way Over There’ for Vogue Italia is not only an exploration of Andreas Kronthaler’s collection for Vivienne Westwood she found uncompromising, but equally compelling for Negre, an invitation to exploring a way of working that embraces the ethos and creative potential of chance, intuition, stream of consciousness and dream states through moving image, sound and spoken word.


Music Video for Ry X’s Bad Love. Filmed in Xilitla, deep in the Mexican jungle. By Irrum Khan

‘perspective ǝʌᴉʇɔǝdsɹǝԀ’

“perspective ǝʌᴉʇɔǝdsɹǝԀ”, (also just the singular “Perspective”), is an exploration or the poetics of perception. It speaks of the beauty of ‘structure’ itself, of ‘symmetry as a source of sanity’. By Lauren Pedrosa


Christmas in Brazil is made of a mixture of different peoples and cultures that merge into a unique experience made of all colors, with magic that explodes in the sky and bounds everyone. A being from another dimension comes to Earth to connect with that feeling and with our light. By Adriano Gonfianti

Rysy – Father

BFFF’17 Bronze Award for VFX
By Martyna Iwańska

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