An Interview With The Winner: Oscar Boyson - One Morning In Italy


Filmmaker, Director, Producer and Winner of Best Idea and Direction at BFFF 2015

We'd like to know more about "One morning in Italy", winner of Best Idea and Direction at last year's BFFF. How did you come up with the idea? What was the inspiration behind it?

My friend Vish had brought my attention to all the cliche poses that people photograph themselves doing in Pisa. We were playing around with the idea of a short film that would end with this kind of sequence - I also saw the famous Martin Parr photo that uses perspective so well and thought that would be fun to riff on. Then I got a job in Italy for a different project and I became determined to squeeze the movie in while we were there...Originally I wanted to do the film in English,

but I liked the idea of embracing this tourist destination where you have so many different languages being spoken. I came up with this backstory about an Italian woman couple that had met an outgoing American woman who had shed some doubt on the validity of their relationship. After we cast the couple, I switched the genders so that the man, not the woman, became the more jealous and insecure one, which I think definitely worked for the best.

On set is it: perfect prepAration or the magic of improvisation ?

We had to be super buttoned up because I’d written an 8 page script in Italian and only had so much daylight. I had to cut some stuff that would have clarified the backstory a bit,

but we were still able to get a lot of set ups done in a single day. It would have been such a luxury to have time to improvise and play around. Next time !

What would you say your biggest success has been? And your biggest screw up ?

I think betting on the fact that we could convince a bunch of tourists to chase after the thief was a great success. In my head I was thinking - everybody comes here for the day, but the only thing there is to do is to take one picture. All these tourists will be dying of boredom-

if we give  them a chance to be in the movie they’ll be thrilled! Biggest screw up was just writing too much. If I’d shot the script that ended up in the movie instead of extra stuff that didn’t we could have made the movie we ended up with better. 

Could you tell us why you direct ?

It's the best job in the world


What was your best moment at BFFF ?

Seeing the movie on a big screen with a real audience and hearing people laugh !

 So much better than internet validation ! 

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