A Centaur is coming...



having a quick look on hip hop artist
Tommy Cash.


Three white stripes along two arms and ten white acrylic fingernails glowing through the night. There is a centaur running all his way out of the mystic Estonian woods straight onto our shiny screens. We say hello and welcome!

Connoisseurs of well made music vids say "art" and are pleased. We agree and are stimulated. Our shoutout goes to Tommy Cash´s new music-video WINALOTO, which is recently crashing the viral-party.

We simply love to see skin and mind bending body postures captured on film...

Have you already seen kneeling people create a pyramid and throne for this refreshingly bold-faced aspiring emperor of eye-catching rap clips?

Have a look for yourself then!


Cheers, õhtusöök and Дай бог не в последний раз!


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