In The Know - Fashion film on the rise with Miu Miu's new App


Miu Miu launches Miu Miusic, a new fashion film making app

It was only a matter of time before Miu Miusic, your very own "Make Your Own Fashion Film" app, entered our lives. 

The latest project by Miuccia Prada with her brand Miu Miu brings together music, fashion, graphic design and technology. 

The process is very simple and it allows you to create something unique - as no two films created through the app are the same. 

You simply start of by picking one of the ten exclusive tracks by DJ Frédéric Sanchez.

Each track is inspired by a specific runway show by the Italian brand and is then paired with a range of graphic patterns and Miu Miu accessories and looks. 

The app looks to "unlock the shape-shifting world of Miu Miu" and reveals the "exploration of the intersection between music, fashion and technology". 

Being launched during Milan Fashion Week, Miu Miusic is looking to create brand exposure by having users share video content across several social media channels. 

Miu Miusic is Miu Miu's second app, in what seems to be a series of campaign apps to generate brand awareness and strengthening its already well established social media presence. 

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