Interview With The Winner: Kaenipa Phanakorn


Screenwriter, producer director and Winner of Best Cinematography at BFFF 2015

We'd like to know more about "Turn of breath", winner of Best Cinematography at last year's BFFF. What was the inspiration behind it?

Inspirations for 'Turn of Breath' came with series of elements. At the time I wanted to use the song 'Tekapo' by Salomon Ligthelm for an emotional piece. I was very inspired by the song. Then when I saw the SS/15 collection for Dusk till' Dawn.

 I had the idea for a short love story that also intertwines the idea of identities and memories. Narration and choreography is something I'm quite naturally drawn to and the film combines these two and creates a rush of emotion.  

Who would would you like to direct one day ?

There are many great actors I'd love to work with. 

I find Joaquin Phoenix quite interesting in terms of his energy and the way he looks.

In your opinion, what is the perfect client?

The perfect clients are the ones who know their brands very well in terms of the philosophy at the same time they are opened to explore the creative possibilities.

Mutual trust between the client, (the agency), and the director is very important. 

What can expect from you in the future ?

Wise Lama, our film and design collective is expanding our branded content with local agencies as well as overseas clients. This year we have launched a short film for Cornetto 

Global under their landmark project called 'Cupidity.' There are more branded content in production now and I'm also working on a feature film script. 

Who would you like to meet at BFFF?

 I'd like to meet Inez and Vinoodh. I think their creative visions are absolutely amazing and they work as a couple just like my husband and I.

Also I'd like to see BFFF grow into a community for filmmakers as well as fashion designers and agencies. 

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