Writer, director, photographer and winner of Best Emerging Artist at BFFF 2013

We’d like to know more about “Happy Tears”, winner of Best Emerging Artist at BFFF 2013. What was the inspiration behind it? The drive?

The inspiration for “Happy Tears” was collaborative. I was approached by the designer Julian Zigerli to work on a narrative fashion film starring Alan Cumming, who is a big fan of Julian’s clothes. It was clear we’d have to go to where Alan is, so we quickly decided to shoot in New York.

I activated all my contacts, and so did Julian, and over we went. We shot on three days between jet lags, couch-surfing and last-minute casting and location scouting. In terms of writing the story, I tried to bring a dreamlike quality to the piece. The film has gone on to online and festival success alike – an amazing experience.

What would you say your biggest success has been? And your biggest screw up?

Becoming the person and artist I am now.

Wasting some years ignoring my calling.

Credit: Monsieur Jerome Credit: Monsieur Jerome

Who would would you like to direct one day?

Marion Cotillard.

What inspires you?

People, characters.

Credit: Monsieur Jerome Credit: Monsieur Jerome

What can we expect from you in the near future?

A 20-minute narrative short film called ALPHAGIRL, to be released this summer,

 as well as some commercial and fashion work. www.martinmonk.net

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