Winning Gold for Use of Fashion

Welcome to the BFFF-Family! 
Your film „SLEEK” won the Gold Award for Use of Fashion! 

The intriguing sound of „Easy“ by Son Lux is adding the special tension and vibe to the marvellous aesthetics… 


How did you scout the location and cast the film?

We’ve been on the hunt for something geometrical with strong lines and concrete walls. Found a couple of nice locations, but nothing was easy to get the permits or access. By chance the designer of the label YVY saw the location on a train journey… It’s actually a gymnasium in the canton Aarau in Switzerland. It was also THE perfect location as it has the same geometrical forms as the brands logo! 

The cast was pretty easy this time! Shot with Laura an editorial and knew her already. So when YVY came with her collection and moods, we knew that Laura would be the perfect model for it! 🙂

Perfect preparation or the magic of improvisation?

The combination! We always have a plan and are well prepared, but stay very open and go with the flow during a shoot. 

Your portfolio is fully packed with inspiring imagery, fashion films for various fashion labels and magazines – What’s the perfect client?

The perfect client would give us a huge production budget and total creative freedom! 🙂 normally it’s one or the other – but we’re working to find this perfect client! 

What makes Fashion Film special?

The cool thing about fashion film is, that you’re often not obliged to have the fashion really in centre. it can be an arty film or a story and of course, you see the fashion and there is a focus on it. But it’s really different to commercial advertisement where you really need to see fabrics, cuts and details of the fashion. 

Is fashion Art or Commerce?

It’s definitely both! We always love it when they melt together and a commercial clip becomes ART! 

What’s next on your list?! We’re curious!

We’re already shooting the next YVY collection in about two weeks. Then we’re working on a personal project for an exhibition. It will be a combination of stills and moving images on huge screens. Can’t say more at the moment as it is top secret! 🙂

Thanks Karine & Oliver – All the Best and Greetings to Zurich!