Interview with the Winner: Ine & Sanne - The Future Of Fashion Is Now


Concept artists, visual director and nominees of Best Use of Fashion at BFFF 2015

We'd like to know more about " Bijenkorf - The Future of Fashion is Now", winner of Best Use of Fashion at BFFF 2015 . What was the inspiration behind it? The drive?

We got inspired by the different materials and structures of the clothing items featured in the video.

We let the items evolve and transform to show the future of fashion.

Which gear do you always have with you on-set?

Fishing wire! Actually all 'special effects' in our videos became 

successful due to fishing wire. We love it!

What would you say is the perfect story?

One that is visually stunning, 

since we’re mostly visual directors.

Why do you direct?

Making videos allows us to combine all things we love to do, creating concepts, designing nice images and work together with other creative people.

It allows us to combine ingredients we find interesting; fashion, design, music and cinematography. The possibilities are endless. 

What can we expect from you in the near future?

We're always joking about an oeuvre exhibition in MOMA when we grow old. So when we're cleaning up the studio we try to keep all of our goofy sketches and storyboards. Just in case.

Till then we’ll continue on free video projects as well as for video’s for commercial clients and hopefully we'll conquer the world in the near future. 

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