Winning the Silver Award for VFX

Hello Alan,

Welcome to the BFFF-Family! Congratulations on winning at this year’s BFFF

Thank you so much! It’s been a huge honour as I am a big fan of your festival and I’ve been following it the last editions.

Your film “Moncler S/S 2017“ has won the Silver Award for VFX: We thought of an M.C. Escher painting, that we’re allowed to take a walk in, Inceptionesque-architecture folding itself around the laws of physics… What inspired you?

The starting point was to play with lots of clones in a labyrinthine place, but when that location came to my mind I immediately thought of M.C. Escher work and I started thinking about the infinite possibilities that it allowed us. It was a luxury to shoot in such inspiring location.

What was the biggest challenge in creating this imagery?

The lack of time to shoot it and the money. We shot it in January, when the sun only allowed us to shoot for 8 hours, so the shoot became a huge challenge, but my experienced and very talented DoP Pau Castejon, the production team and all the crew did a great job and we could finish my crazy shooting plan (about 40 shots) in a satisfactory way. The time and money were also a big limitation in the post and we couldn’t develop it as much as we had liked but even in these circumstances my lovely collaborator Nico Zarza (VFX) got to take my ideas to a higher level.


What’s the most indispensable item in your studio?

I have a quartz sphere and a tourmaline one that are always there, but nothing better than the support of the people you love, wherever you are.

What are your favourite tools or software to work with? 

Nothing special. The concept and the ideas dictate everything, so I choose the tools and the resources according to them. Anyway, I dream in shooting in film someday.

You’ve submitted another film the famous music video „Lend Me Another Name“ for the Band KlyneNominated for Short of the Year and Best VFX at the Ibiza Music Video Festival 2016 & Shortlisted at Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2017 – What inspires you the most?

In general, I always try to submerge the viewer in a unique visual experience, usually dream-like or surreal, and Klyne’s video is an example of that and how much I try to fit visually the sound of the track. When I first listened to it some images of octopuses came to my mind immediately, and all the rest came after that.


What’s the perfect client?

The one that is clear from the beginning and that is brave enough to trust and even push you in the right way. I like demanding clients as long as their thoughts make sense.

What d
oes the future hold for you? We’re curious!

I have recently pitched for very exciting projects but unfortunately, nothing is confirmed yet. Fingers crossed!!

Fingers crossed! Looking forward to seeing more mind-bending and eye-catching artworks from you – Thanks for your time Alan.

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