Interview with the winner: AB/CD/CD - Jogg Jeans


Berlin fashion film festival 2015 Winner



How important is the story in your work?

It is not necessary. BUT a guiding line is. 
We usually consider our videos as games and what can be maybe seen as a story is more like game rules to us. This is the guiding line we’re giving the viewer.

It’s about proposing the rules as clearly as possible and dragging them to play with us and keep them entertained. It’s some kind of dramaturgy. This very notion of dramaturgy is very important to us.



How would you define your aesthetics?

Subject to change! We are interested in aesthetics  in general and whatever we do we kind of want to do the opposite in the next film. 

We try to always do something new as we try to always tell a different story. We’d say that the story or the emotional goal of the video determines the aesthetics.


"The story or the emotional goal of the video determines the aesthetics."


How would the perfect client be?

Audacious and clever, willing to take the risk not to over rationalize everything

 and that has the balls not to want that everything in his commercial is 100% positive.



What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about advertising?

People are looking for solutions to their problems and our job is to bring creative solutions of any kind. 


This a lot of work but once it’s done everybody trust you and everything work perfectly.


What do you think makes BFFF special?

You were the first (and the only festival for a while) to understand

what fashion film was becoming and what it could become. That’s pretty special!


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