Interview with Sara Maino




What is Vogue Talents? Where does one need to look to find the best upcoming talents in fashion?

new international upcoming fashion designers (womenswear/menswear and acessories). Since 2014 Vogue Talents comes out twice a year September and February. Vogue Talents is also online since 2010 in a special channel of


Vogue Talents was born in 2009 with a special issue enclosed to the September issue of Italian Vogue giving visibility to the most talented graduating students from fashion schools all around the world and a special focus to the


What makes a good fashion film in your opinion?


A unique point of view and photography is important.


"All has changed in the last 10 years"


Can you characterise the young fashion talents of 2016? What has changed in the last ten years? 

All has changed in the last 10 years, designers can promote themselves through social networks, ecommerce

and many other social activities. In early 2000 designers didn't have access to all of these applications.


You've been following the Berlin fashion Film Festival from the start. What do you think is its greatest contribution? 


Giving the chance to new talented directors to be seen by the industry.


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