Interview with Michael Kittel



What is Kittel to you? What made you establish your own creative agency? How does the work with Kittel differ to what you've been doing previously?

massive office space. That’s certainly not for  everyone, I understand. Especially not for the established ones between us. How often do I hear as a first question: „Oh cool, you have your own agency – how many employees do you have?“ The traditional structures of companies still seem to matter a lot – even to creatives. But for me, the absence of these structures, this kind of freedom is something that feels very relieving to me and opens new possibilities. We have the freedom to work with talent from all over the world, from different cultural backgrounds. We can work with creatives that aren’t even advertising creatives. And that diversity is what’s so important for our work. Besides, we can put our budgets towards talents and production and don’t waste it on a money-eating overhead. So in the end, it’s a profitable concept for everyone: for our talents, our clients and the work itself. 

Kittel is a big promise to myself. The promise to do things differently, to work in what I believe is the best possible way to create great results for modern clients. And after all, it’s my family name, so I better not fuck this up. In my career I’ve seen a lot of different agency concepts. For my own shop, I took all these aspects into consideration and combined them with some new ideas into my own agency concept for Kittel. 

As for our agency profile, that’s essentially focussing on brand strategies and holistic creative concepts, primarily for challenger brands. Plus, we’re pretty good at producing things – anything from traditional TV ads to digital campaigns. We only want to work for clients we truly believe fit our concept. That’s what makes us special: because when it comes to the agency model, I want to keep things as lean as possible. No permanent staff, no job titles, no  


What are your aims and achievements with Kittel? What is the next dream you want to make come true?

capable of solving any creative task out there in the best way possible. For me it’s not about fast growth, but about finding the right projects and the right talents for this endeavor.

More and more clients trust our new agency model and that’s really great to see. But I want to develop it even further: my vision is to create a high quality creative collective agency under my leadership that’s


"We can work with creatives that aren’t even advertising creatives. And that diversity is what’s so important for our work."


What is the most important ingredient when making a fashion film?

the playground for the advertising industry. Here, we can try out the things clients from other industries would never let us do. We can use this freedom and work much more experimental.


Like for any other industry’s project, for me the most important ingredient is passion. The passion to create a piece of entertainment for a very critical audience. And then, there’s freedom. Fashion is


How do you think fashion film has developed in the last years?

of films, covering all areas of emotions, styles and technologies. Fashion needs to remain the advertising test area that inspires other industries to follow. 

I’m very happy to see that it got much more diverse. For me, most fashion films used to be just beautiful. Which was cool already. But today, we’re looking at a wide variety


"Fashion needs to remain the advertising test area that inspires other industries to follow."


What are your expectations from this year’s Berlin fashion Film Festival?

seeing a lot of these great people again and discuss their latest projects. As a member of the Jury I’m also very excited to see which films have been entered. 

I was part of the BFFF last year for the very first time and I was impressed by the quality of the work and the talent the BFFF gathered in Berlin. This year, I’m very much looking forward to


P.S. Want to see the real thing?

Come join us on June 2 & 3 in Berlin for our fifth edition.