Interview with Jo Marie Farwick



Can you describe Uberground in your own words? What are the aims and achievements of the agency?

offer not only the concept but the whole enchilada (AKA execution/production).

This is why we have teamed up with some of the best production companies of the world.

We believe that the time has come to overcome the old (expensive) structures advertising industry has to offer. 

Come with us and jump über the boundaries of the year 2016. Sometimes we just work for fun on projects we love. Join us!

Hello. We are Team Überground.

We think it is time to collaborate more. And have less structures and other stuff nobody needs really.

We are a group of grown up and experienced creatives from all over the world that share the same vision of founding a multidisciplinary collective spanning across all these cool creative domains out there and to work for and with people we like.

We work as a flexible, fast superkraft on high class communication-projects and



How can fashion filmmakers benefit from the services of your agency?

creatives from our heart and filmmakers from our brain and vice versa. We burn for our projects and we’ll never loose our fun.

We have the style. We have the remedy. And we have the best and most taylormade team around all the needs a client could have. We are  


"Fashion film is one of the most interesting, wanting, inspiring parts of the film-industry"


How did your interest in fashion film begin?

creative über some of the most annoying boundaries of commerical-making.

Fashion clients are by far the bravest clients I have ever seen.

Our interest in fashion film began with our interest in film. Fashion film is one of the most interesting, wanting, inspiring parts of the film-industry. Brands let people be

What does it take to make a good fashion film in your opinion?

It is important that the models can act and not just pose. And most important is that the there is a team-spirit, an asshole-free crew with love that reallyreally wants to make something new, something great, something important together.

Hui. Look at the award winners of BFFF from the last years. I could make a long list. Should I?
It starts with the directors, the DOP ist also very important, the music is important from the very beginning, the editing… you name it. The styling is pretty important.

What are your expectations from this year’s Berlin fashion Film Festival?

some really cool new friends, dance some really cool moves and drink some, just a bit, ähem, drinks.

I expect to see some really cool films, meet some really cool people, talk some really cool gossip, make