Imagine someone just dropped you in the middle of nowhere, into a desert-like scenario “empty as a bird’s wing”, or next to some cliffs that are patiently getting slapped by the sea.

You’re all alone out there, no phone, no water, no bottle of rum, all you got are some fancy clothes, shoes and your own inner beauty. What would you do?

Normally you’d start breathing quicker, right… But since you know that there’s Berlin Fashion Film Festival, you wouldn’t have to be scared. You’d get yourself together and start posing right away. Because you’d know that you’ll be fine. You’d know that we’re keeping an eye on you – All the time… Don’t believe us? Press play below then!



Directed by Damien Krisl – Shortlist

Chanel x Marie Claire Arabia

Shot on location at Musandam Peninsula, Sultanate of Oman.
Directed by Tamas Sabo – Showroom Selection

Uniform of Great Hope

Directed by Philip Peng Rosenthal, Tobias Birk Nielsen- Showroom Selection 2017

Gino Rossi

Directed by Tymoteusz Pieszka – Showroom Selection

mojeh – beyond time

By duende
Shot in zambia, at the worlds largest emerald mine. The story of a being out of context wandering around, controlling, living in the depth of the mine.

AAA Fermi-Paradox

Directed by Aaron Arnoldt & Corentin Kopp- Showroom Selection 2017

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