Films are there to extend our visions of the world, trigger our imagination and lift us up in any given sense. Enjoy some BFFF curated films that light-footedly defy the laws of gravity and push the boundaries of how we tell stories via moving images today. Did you know that tiny frogs are diamagnetic enough to be levitated by very strong magnets…? Now you know. And now stop hanging in the air and take off with us and some state-of-the-art filmmaking from the BFFF-Network.

Beautiful pairing art with science, this is how to do it!

DARIUS ft. Wayne Snow – Lost in the moment

Directed by Lisa Paclet
Award for VFX – Gold

Life is a Dream

Directed by Marc Oller
Shortlisted 2018

Lady Dior: Enter the Game

Directed by Eliott Bliss
Best Direction, Hair & Make-Up 2015


Directed by 5 Fruits
Award for VFX – Bronze

Kenzo World

Directed by Katya Telegina
Shortlisted 2018


Directed by Marie Christensen
Official Selection 2017

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