Where ‘aestheticism’ bends over to ‘purpose’ and gives it a gentle kiss: Thumbs up for socially engaged art.

To those who are still arguing over what contemporary art does, if art should or should not have a purpose, if art can or should affect social change: Don’t waste your time, go out and plant a tree instead, the answer is yes.

When other ways of communication are blocked by bullies, when they don’t attract the right attention and would demand some proper violence, art is the path to walk on… Art makes us think, gets us going, gives us strength and the will to express ourselves, in the meantime art is the expression itself, is the reflection, the manifestation of strength and will. This makes art the most impactful tool to change the world. In short: Art is the butterfly that has the power to push any stubborn elephant out of the room. And don’t get us wrong, we love elephants, but free and happy. Not in a room.

Want to see what we mean? Press play and watch some state-of-the-art filmmaking from the BFFF selection then! And after that, go out and plant a tree.

Not Just A Label

Who will you be when a Society “Without” Labels? Labeling is a tool that humans use to resolve the impossible complexity of the environment we grapple to perceive. Directed by Joi (Xin-Yu) Weng


Matt Lambert confronts the censorship of nipples in contemporary culture “The shame of intimacy affects so many of us. Model, activist and founder of Gurls Talk Adwoa Aboah lends her voice to deliver a provocative verse penned by Alex Holder—a writer and creative, who has critically explored the intersection of brands, bodies, and feminism. Hailing from Los Angeles, Lambert throws away the tools of censorship; bringing the nipple to the lucid center of the camera’s lens.

”As benign as they may be, nipples have been the catalyst for major conversations that reach across gender, sexuality, and the absurd double-standards in digital censorship,” explains the Berlin and London-based filmmaker.

Our Time

In a new and politically-charged short film for Document Journal Magazine, filmmaker Diane Russo pays homage to the vital history of democracy’s one true lifeblood: a revolutionary spirit. We’re led into a Prohibition-era parlour, where a group of young adults can be seen swaying about the room to Scooter Island’s feminist anthem, “#NotYours.” Their bodies—of various ages, sizes, shapes, and colors—intertwine and break apart freely.

H&M Smacks of Hypocrisy- World Recycle Week- featuring M.I.A. (“Rewear It”)

By Philippe Tempelmann winning Gold Award for Cinematography at BFFF2017


Trump for White Men

By Adam Neustadter

Be My Witness

Directed by Michael Casker


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