Interview with the winner: Fermín Cimadevilla - Don't


BFFF 2015 Winner


What makes a good fashion film? And music video?

It is hard to say. Personally I think the things that captivate me are those I recorded on the retina. The ability to captivate an image is what determines that something fascinates me or not, and that's usually a simple detail, a face, a light, space, color. 

I do not think there is a border between a fashion film and music video, at least aesthetically and narratively. Perhaps the only difference is who commercially benefit in the part.

Gear you always have with you On-Set? 

Menthol´s Ricola Extra Strength

and a dice, just in case.


What makes the difference: craft or creativity? 

Between content and the container

I think the content wins by KO.


"I do not think there is a border between a fashion film and music video , at least aesthetically and narratively."



What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about advertising? 

Use someone else's money 

to your advantage. Boom!



Your best moment at BFFF last year?

Oh! Good memories. It was a very special year. The award was a big surprise, luckily I was able to go pick it up , 

meet many people in the industry, in addition to spending a weekend of hardcore parting week end in Berlin.

Right now I'm working in a beautiful and bizarre love story

with this stylish woman above as protagonist.


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