News from the BFFF-Network! Q&A with Matteo Grimaldi and Giacomo Boeri

Good  morning.  It’s 8 o’clock.
Outside  it’s 24 degrees.
Chucky’s  heartbeat is  on a perfect average.
You  have no  meetings today.
And  we are  seven days  left to the  Fashion Week.
Are  you ready?

Hello, Giacomo, hello Matteo! Y
ou’ve  just released a new film named CNMI – BE READY

How did it all start? What was your original vision for the project, and where did the idea come from?

Every year before Milan Fashion Week we shoot a film for the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana. Living in Milan and knowing full well the world of fashion, we are aware of the level of energy and excitement fueling the city. We wanted to capture this with a certain irony, asking ourselves: what can one do to prepare for fashion week? We immediately rolled out several ideas, some of which were rejected or adapted according to the feedback from the client.

The result is a video taking the common person on a journey to become a superhero, all within a highly fashionable context.  

Most unforgettable moment during the shoot?

In one of the scenes we see the model move a dress with her mind. To achieve this we had a prop master stranding on top of a ladder holding a fish rod-like tool with nylon strings attached to the dress. Everything was very complicated, especially as it was difficult to coordinate the model and the prop master. After several attempts we finally managed to catch the perfect moment, only to realise we had been using the wrong dress.

Tell us more about the production – Your chance to give a shout out to your partners in crime! 😉

I couldn’t possibly speaking badly of the production, as it’s our own production company 🙂 In any case, it hasn’t been an easy one because as usual time was super tight. We asked the producer to focus as much as possible on researching a model who fit the role. After a casting in London, we ended up finding our model unexpectedly here in Milan. Another challenge was the location – two days before the shoot we changed our minds and the production team was fast and efficient in finding a very suitable alternative.

What are your creative patterns connected to a project like this?

For this kind of projects, we look for inspiration outside of the world of fashion – we are always on the lookout for something new to take into it. The beauty in creating fashion content is that everything can work as inspiration: art, cinema, music, theatre and often the best work is the result of a non-linear journey across these worlds.


A life creating films – What would be the best advice? And what’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far as a filmmaker?

Trying to always be extra positive. Every project, even the simplest, can lead to important lessons and future leads. That’s why my advice is to approach every film with enthusiasm and dedication.

Which director or Hollywood icon – living or not living – would you work with if given the chance?

If I could I would try and steal the secrets of several directors – I can’t pick just one. I’d like to understand Wes Anderson’s taste, Tarantino’s dialogues, Scorsese’s camera movements and Gondry’s fantasy.

You’ve won already at BFFF – What makes BFFF special?

It’s simply one of the best fashion film festivals and for this reason, it is widely recognized. When you win you gain ample visibility, leading to a lot of new opportunities. Something that’s also really nice is being able to meet and relate to directors and artists. BFFF hosts films that are very different from one another, which definitely creates a mentally stimulating environment for everyone.

BFFF’17 Best Film – Lifestyle

What do festivals like the BFFF mean to you?

It’s a great stage allowing us to stay up to date with new ways of thinking in the world of fashion. But it’s also a way to question your work, share and be inspired.

We’re curious? What can we expect from you in the near future?

I’d like to focus on projects with a stronger narrative component. Basically writing a story and telling it with style. I’m still not sure about the details, but something will come to me!


Thanks guys


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