Interview with the winner: Esther Loewe - G.


Winner of Best Editing at BFFF 2015

How would you define your aesthetics?

I don’t have a fixed aesthetic style; instead I am constantly in search

or the right aesthetic for each individual objective.

How important is the story in your work?

As a filmmaker that sometimes makes fashion films and not a fashion photographer that also makes films, story is  

everything. Beautiful images without narrative meaning are nothing but decoration to me.

What inspires you? 

Inspiration is not a term I believe in. It elevates the inspired person to an instrument of a higher meaning and that’s arrogant, no? Instead, I believe in input and output, 

a constant flux of reflection and projection. Anything can set this in motion, but very often, for me, it’s the psychology of the human existence.


"Beautiful images without narrative meaning are nothing but decoration to me"


What is the gear that you always have with you on set?

I’m a writer and director, so I don’t need any gear aside from my notes, 

 music + headphones, tissues and aspirin. Oh, and a good 1st AD!

Your best moment at BfFF last year?

Speaking to interesting new people and

catching up with old aquaintences.

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