Open your eyes, Look up to the skies and see...


Immersion gets a slightly different denotation nowadays, don´t you think?!

Welcome to #TechTuesday

There is a techy-force wearing seven-league boots and walking towards us and our senses. Put your special glasses on and be ready! 

There is a techy-force wearing seven-league boots and walking towards us and our senses. Put your special glasses on and be ready! 

For today we want to start gently with the VR-Phenomenon: You've probably heard about it, read about it, or even have seen it already: we need to talk about it anyway, because this is what happens, when CREATIVE SPEED DATING goes right. We are talking about Google PlayEnosis and Queen´s super-collaboration.

The result is a six minute long 360°-VR adventure, which they call a journey through Freddy Mercury´s bright and colourful subconsciousness. Metaphors seem accessible nowadays, you can actually take a walk in them... 

Which song or which band could suit a project of this dimension better than QUEEN and their "Bohemian Rhapsody"? You turn your head towards Bryan May´s guitar play and the sound gets instantly louder. Wherever you decide to look at, some chain reactions get activated. It´s a historical move, a milestone on the path of our cultural evolution. Our civilisation selects for itself, what is worth to be brought into a new context, a new time, a new discussion. For now a new chapter was written for this great song´s vita!

It´s magnetising to see what years of scientific studies have in stock for us and it´s almost terrifying not to know what else is waiting for us in the nearby future. Thanks to the work of director Vangelis Lympouridis and his company Enosis VR, the past (1975 - the year of Bohemian Rhapsody´s release), the present (us recipients sitting with a cardboard on our face) and the future (what is this thing anyway? future sounds somehow vintage, now that we have all this fancy stuff...), coincide, and our temporality collapses, but rises up again in the very next moment just in front of us, above and underneath us, to our left, to our right, and of course with us! It seems, that music has found it´s perfect match! film developed, music styles developed, art and our society developed, we think we are ready for some new fancy action!  

We as the viewers are not passive anymore, interactivity is the battle cry and VR the direction we are running to.  


For some it´s like a trip through a wonderland
and we know that some people tend to get stuck in those alternative realities, some more than others, that´s for sure. So please be careful, if you fall, it probably wont end with a stage dive... You´re in control, it´s your choice where this adventure takes you. If you have a weak stomach, get sea sick easily or find yourself in a melancholic state of mind, you might consider a cautious approach to that rollercoaster of an artwork. A mini festival, a tiny event is taking place within a few inches in front of your eyes. How to experience it? Via an app called "The Bohemian Rhapsody Experience". The "future of music videos" can be purchased in the google play store around the corner, you just need to move your fingers a bit, don´t even have to stand in a queue for it, like for a brand new Queen-Vinyl back in the days...

We attach a link to the Behind the Scenes here as an appetizer, the rest is up to you! 

Looking forward to some new exiting material for our #TechTuesday. Hope you like it so far - There is much much more waiting for us! 

If you´d like to share some of your new inventions and fascinating high technology films with us, feel free to submit!

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