In The Know - Taking one for the team with Agency Sex Quest


It's time to take control over who's screwing who

Mark Novakovic, a Belgrade-based copywriter, is on a mission: he's looking to get ad agencies to screw one another.

He launched Agency Sex Quest, with the site's tagaline clearly outlining its focus: "Why only let clients f*ck us when we can f*ck each other?" 

Tired of being screwed over by clients, Novakovic is looking to take control over who's screwing who.  As part of the promotion, Novakovic sent boxes filled with condoms to several agencies in Belgrade. 

However, the website doesn't offer much in terms of functionality, leaving up to you how successful you want to be with your screwing quest. 


Photo: @Zorka90

Photo: @Zorka90

" The new trend in the Balkan region is 'ad conferences' - people going to some remote locations to party, have sex and maybe to attend some boring lectures. So I wanted to have a little fun, give people a bunch of condoms and also encourage them to have sex with colleagues. :)" said Novakovic. 

Whether this is a simple PR stunt driven by the knowledge that sex sells or it's just a way to have a bit of fun, Novakovic has already received his fair share of attention from international press as well as some grateful ad agencies.

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