Meet Siems Luckwaldt


Siems is a Hamburg-based journalist with almost 20 years experience covering the fashion, lifestyle and luxury industry. He also conducts interviews with creatives from all fields. He currently works as fashion & lifestyle director and editor for the business magazines BUSINESS PUNK and CAPITAL. Furthermore, he writes dossier pieces for FLAIR magazine and freelance stories for a variety of publications.

Siems, you’ve been a journalist for almost 20 years covering the fashion, lifestyle, and luxury industry. What compelled you to get into the field?

I started out in the arts section of a newspaper doing reviews on (musical) theater, comedy and movies. During an internship in New York I slowly but surely transitioned to the fashion, beauty and lifestyle field. And never left. Speaking to creative people with a true passion for their artistic vision and expert craftsmanship – that’s more of a privilege than a job and never gets boring.

Nowadays with technology, we are able to receive stories and information through many different forms of media, including blogs, social media, and podcasting. How has it been being able to get your message across through these different platforms, something that wasn’t so common until the last 10 years or so?

Of course, the media landscape has changed dramatically, yet it’s still the extraordinary things, fascinating people and mesmerizing stories that count. No matter if you’re sitting around a campfire or sharing your experiences via a website or social media channel. We might sometimes get too absorbed by technology, yet humans, their interests and need are still sitting in the driver’s seat. So, yes, everything has changed. And yet, nothing much.

What is the key to writing a captivating story or article?

That depends on the media outlet that’s publishing a feature and the audience you’re speaking to. In general, a skill that you sharpen and re-sharpen every time you sit in your chair and stare at the „white screen of death“. Good strategies, though, are curiosity, a good eye for details, a splash of humour and the will to finish your piece.

What draws you to covering fashion in particular?

Though you cannot avoid hearing about them I am not especially interested in trends, the newest hype, it girls, it bags etc. Covering mostly menswear my approach is way more practical, I aim for a timeless wardrobe that you can easily mix ‘n’ match and that does not occupy too much storage space – in your closet and your brain. That said, how can you not be interested in what we cover our bodies with – and the many jobs, artforms, subcultures, historic and current events and even technologies that are related to fashion. Inspire it, transform it, keep it fresh.

Best piece of advice for anyone who wants to become a journalist?

The cynical answer would be „Have you rellay pursued every other avenue out there?”. But as I am by no means a cynic, more of a realist, I’d say: Be ready to constantly learn, hone your craft, be highly flexible, forget about getting rich, normal office hours – and go for it. #truegrit

Dream interview?

How much time do you have? Of course, I could jot down all the a-listers that everybody wants to talk to, me included. But for me all conversations have the same potential to turn out dream-y, whether someone is famous or an everyday hero. And that’s exactly what keeps me going and interested in this profession.

What motivated you to be on the jury at BFFF?

I have been on the jury of the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival once and really appreciated the opportunity to delve into amazing clips, shortfilms, art projects and other intersections of the moving image with the moving outfit. Looking forward to the line-up of candidates at BFFF. As they say in Hollywood: Lights, cameras, fashion!

Thanks Siems – We’re looking forward to meeting you at the venue!