Interview with longtime family members: INE & SANNE

There are thoughts and there are pictures - In Ine & Sannes films Both seem equal, caring and supportive to each other. In terms of a romantic relationship:
A perfect couple. 


Hi Ine & Sanne, we love your work, regarding Your Films like OIJ BELIEVE, MOAM RE-renaissance: what comes first story or visual concept?


In our work the visual concept and story of a film are created very simultaneously and can’t go without each other. We like to direct in a very visual way. Since we’re educated as designers and concept artist instead of traditional film-makers we aim for a beautiful symbioses of direction and art-direction.


What are you doing, when you´re not thinking in film projects?


We’ve been friends for a long time, before we started working together 4 years ago. Our work-life and private-life are totally intertwined.

We tell juicy private stories during work and think about video projects while we're on the dance floor. 

Screenshot 2016-09-07 10.26.48.png

What are your favourite tools or softwares to work with, what helps you to let the magic happen?


Fishing wire! Actually a lot of'special effects' in our videos became successful due to fishing wire. We love it!


Your short films are reflections on aesthetic premises and artistic selections. What does beauty mean to you?


When we create something ourselves, it has to contain some form of beauty. It’s essential to our work.

We think about the composition, the colours, the materials, the movement, it's our main challenge to make beautiful, intriguing things.


What inspires you the most?


Art, fashion, design and photography are our biggest inspiration. Because of our design background we're surrounded by a group of talented and ambitious friends. Collaborating with other designers and creatives makes the work better than we could originally imagine and brings in a lot of new inspiration. 


What was your most unforgettable moment in creating a Film? Could each amour fou between an idea and visual concept be tamed so far?


Its really exciting to see everything we imagined come together on set! You can prepare every thing in advance really well, but seeing the props, artworks, set design, fashion and model together in good lighting really creates magic.  

Specially when we were making our film for De Bijenkorf, a lot of magic happened on set!

You have been several times at the BFFF,
this year you joined the Creative Speed Dating, 
how did that go?


It was great to meet some other professionals from the industry and have time to reflect with them on our work. 

Because it was a speeddate, you had to get to the point very quickly, that was refreshing. 

Which Creative would you like to have a drink with?


Wes Anderson.


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