Interview with the Winner: Cyprien Clément-Delmas


Talking to the director of one of the most awarded film at #BFFF16

Hi CYprien, We'd like to know more about the film that won so many awards at BFFF 2016. What was the inspiration behind it?

It is a very special video to me. We did it few months after the first terrorist attack against Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Those attacks had been a shock for everybody. A lot of things have been said about our country and our city. And one comment from Fox News had been very polemical in France: They were saying that their was "no go zones" in Paris - dangerous places where the people and the police can't go - more dangerous than Irak or Afghanistan.

People think paris is dead: let's show that it's still alive. People think Paris is an old city: let's show them there is a vibrant youth. People think Paris is mono-tone: let's show them a very colorful city. My goal was to express the energy of the youth. That's why the video is pure energy, frenetic and colorful.

I liked the fact to pay a tribute to the french art mixing it with a very urban background. It was for me a way to put together the two opposite sides of our culture.


So, we wanted to answer to those clichés. Especially because those "no go zones" where exactly the most vibrant places in Paris, where the youth go out, where the creatives lives, where a lot of interesting things are happening. That's why we decided to call this project" Go Zones", the so called "no go zones" are actually the "go zones", the places to be ! The idea was to show Paris in a unexpected way. We wanted to show that Paris is not a "museum city" it's a vibrant and creative city. 

I think the video had such an impact in France because we needed to restore our pride. We needed to answer something to the clichés. The video is also a tribute to the peaceful diversity of our country. We want to live together. We don't want to let the terrorists divide us. I think the young generation grew up with this diversity and they are more open-minded than some others.
I'm not underestimating the problems our country have to face and I'm not saying that everything is perfect. But I believe that we also need to do some positive videos sometimes because we mostly received the negative things on the everyday news.
It was nice to do an optimistic video. I would say it was the first time in my work.
My favorite scene is the one where the characters are posing as statues. All the poses, with no exceptions, are inspired by existing Auguste Rodin's statues.

Was iD perfect partner for that project? What’S the difference between working with a publisher and working for a „regular“ brand?

They supported me and gave me all the tools to make a good video. I really have to thank them.

Also Caviar Paris and my team of course for putting so much efforts in the whole process.

The difference with a "regular brand" is the freedom you have doing the video. And also they are not scared of taking risks. A brand or an agency think that is good to control a director but most of the time it's not. The director has to express himself.

i-D was the perfect partner for this project. They came with the concept of answering to the "no-go-zones" cliché. They came with all their creativity and knowledge of the underground scene in Paris. They supported us with the stylism. They helped us to find the perfect music.
Then during the whole process they gave me a lot of freedom. They trusted me. When I was explaining that I wanted to do "human statues in front of building from the 70's" they were not scared !

Some visual ideas are hard to explain sometimes and people need to trust our vision. Creativity need space, time and trust to bear fruits.

In your opinion, what makes a good fashion film?

I think it is good when we forget it's about fashion... When it gets emotional, creative, polemical, fascinating...

What would you say was your most memorable moment at BFFF?

My most memorable moment was the award show of course. I was not expecting to win 4 prizes. I heard very nice words about the film coming from the jury, so I was very happy. When you make a film you never know how the audience will react. So, those awards coming from such respected professionals were very special to me.
Unfortunately, I didn't have time to say thank you to all of them. So, I want to thank them now.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

I would love to develop my work and my style for fashion brands. I've just released for example a branded content for Ray Ban shot in Ghana.
I wish I'll do nice commercials and music videos this year like I did last year.
I'm working on a feature documentary film also that I'm shooting next month in Ukraine. I will release it at the end of the year.

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