Interview with the winner: Victor Claramunt - Breaking Rules


Berlin fashion Film Festival 2016 Winner

Your film has been screened and awarded at several fashion film festivals this year.
Did you have the chance to visit them all?
What do you think is the particular difference between the various FFF's?

Some festivals just look to have as many films as possible, others are "centers of creativity" as it is the case with BFFF.
I think that festivals should seek synergies between brands, filmmakers, artist …etc.

I didn't have the opportunity to go to all the festivals. Actually I could go to very few, including BFFF.
The main difference between festivals is how they are dealing with films.

How important are festivals for A director's career? What’s moST important to you when visiting festivals?

When a film is projected onto a festival you can feel what the audience feels. And then there is the exchange of ideas with other directors and the possibility of getting in touch with brands.

I think the festival are almost the only way that the fashion films get visibility.
I always say that a festival is the way to experience a “real feedback".

In your opinion: What are three main things, young directors should focus on when they start to build up their reel?

When you're starting, it's the right moment to try “crazy ideas”. So: go for it !
And my last recommendation , work with people that you feel great with.
It is very important. A fashion film is a team project, you always need people working in the same direction as you. Take care of them!

My most important advice on making a good reel is: You have shoot what you would like to see. No matter the budget, intent matters. Over time budgets increase, production will be larger. But as a director you have to remain true to yourself and your vision.

What was the most challenging project in your career so far?

Breaking Rules has been the most challenging project so far. It was 3 day shooting with 36 different outfits. It was very hard but I am so happy with the result. Now I have some bigger projects lined up, but I can´t talk about them yet.

One LAst Question: Any PArticular Gear you always use to feel save on set?

I am always joking to try everybody keeps smiling during the shooting.

This is not a job, it's a dream.

I am a very calm person. I do get stressed as everybody though. But I try not to pass it on to the team during filming.


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