Interview with the winner: Gustavo López Mañas - Snake


Winner of Best Hair and Best Make Up at BFFF 2014

We'd like to know more about "SNAKE", winner of Best Hair and Best Make Up at BFFF 2014. What was the inspiration behind it? The drive?

What I love more about Snake is that we had the opportunity to work on the main character and how that character takes the viewer through the whole story. The inspiration was some images

that I found from the 70s of strong women with weapons having some kind of road adventure. I love to think about the stories around the images that I find on the internet randomly.

In your opinion, what makes a good fashion film?

It’s a mix between a good concept followed by

a proper image with a little touch of humor.

What would you say your biggest success has been? And your biggest screw up?

My biggest success is paying my bills doing what I like to do. Some of my works are better than others

but that's how we learn. You get more knowledge form your worst works than the good ones. 


Perfect Preparation or the Magic of Improvisation on set?

I’m on the side of good preparation for production

and image and improvisation with models and actors. 

What can we expect from you in the near future?

Now I've been working on a tandem with my wife and producer for the last ten years. We are Gus&Lo and we are involved in some new personal


 projects where we put all of our energy, as well as some commercial works of course.

I hope you guys can see our new film "Look into my Eyes" at the 2016 edition of BFFF.

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