Interview with the finalist: Santiago & Mauricio - Dreamers


Berlin fashion film festival 2015 Shortlisted 

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What makes a good fashion film?

CASTING - is the essential for any good film, based on that you can do so much around it. Also MUSIC is very important, this will

give you a good sense of pace for your edit and the mood of your film, so music is an important part.



What do you believe in: perfect preparation or the magic of Improvisation?


We think in both we feel are preparation is essential and we do quite a bit of it but letting have


 improvisation its also what it makes it special and unique!


Can you tell us a bit more about the Dreamers? How did it all start?

We wanted to visualize a summer day and we want to give a feeling of youth in a hot summer day. It all started very organically, we started thinking an idea


but then it got transform to something a bit different/ When we cast Nathalie we created that world around her.

"Casting is the essential for any good film, based on that you can do so much around it."


How would you describe the perfect client?

The perfect client can only be the ones that trust you and hire you because of your own aesthetic and visual input so you can do the best of what you are good at. 

When you get hired by someone that trusts your work and in what you will create, then the job becomes something special and most likely will have a great result.



Biggest challenge for the Industry?

The fast pace of where the industry goes now a days, the competition grows by the day, 

and staying relevant becomes the biggest challenge.


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