On everybody's screen: Mykki Blanco




A cultural phenomenon. A persona with thousand layers. An engine for social discussions: Mykki Blanco's creative output is mind bending and highly infectious. We celebrate his energetic and energising poetry and performing art and highly appreciate this kind of pushing-things-forward
When it comes to his music-videos we cannot help but taking a deep bow...


The HipHop-planet got a new master - so far unrivalled in his variety of different expressions and impact on challenging our notions of identity: Throughout his increasing influence Mykki Blanco refuses to shy away from issues of sexuality, gender, race and other labels and boundaries in art and in culture. Creative arenas like poetry, music, performance, film and fashion are his playground - Meet him at their intersections and get carried away by his unique and uncompromising artistic declarations! 


Take your time for the collaboration between Mykki Blanco, our befriended Production Company ICONOCLAST and multiple BFFF-Award winning director and family member Matt Lambert: "High School Never Ends".  

We say: Groundbreaking state-of-the-art filmmaking. This is how social issues can be addressed: Crossing borders - closing gaps - getting the so called "outsiders" back in our social circles and centers of attention. It's about time to hand over the labelling-job to those who have a sense for including all features life has to offer into stimulating and inspiring pieces of art and communication. 


Creatives on the forefront of civil movements! It's your voice that makes heavy material handy, that opens up new perspectives, that makes the real difference... Looking forward to witness more from this exceptional artist and notable contributor to contemporary culture.



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