Mannequins going home to fashion

Marie Kristiansen has directed music and fashion films, co directed and filmed a feature film and exhibited art works in several European cities! Let's have a little talk with 2015 BFFF winner for best Cinematography and Idea!

Hey Marie, thinking of your films like “VISIT SWEDEN” or your 2015 BFFF winning film “MOO” they seem questioning the condition of our bodies that keep the treasure of our personalities. 

What is beauty from your point of view?

That’s a hard question.. Being a woman you are constantly presented with beauty stereotypes you are supposed to look like.

It seems like nowadays the less character you have the better. I am not talking about fashion, but rather the more mainstream commercial representation of women. 

Right now beauty to me is someone who looks free. Someone who’s face move when they smile. I am currently working on a project where I put a naked woman in very normal everyday situations. She is not sexualised or objectified, just naked and ordinary. It’s very beautiful to see a naked body just exist in space. 

As a photographer, director, and conceptual artist: Which creative medium would you love to pursue more or haven’t yet?

I would love to write more. I have already written a script and i thought it was a great exercise. I would love to have time to do more of that. To write longer essays.

What's the most indispensable item in your studio?

I would say that the most indispensable person in my professional life is my film editor, Thomas. All my items are dispensable. 


What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about advertising?

Push limits and don't be afraid to pitch your wildest ideas. It's often what singles you out of the crowd and what ends up being a hit . 

A dialectic between the beautiful and the repulsive: ATTITUDEPROBLEM (p3Remix)

The perfect client?


I am dreaming of making a car commercial with a feminine touch. 


What was the most memorable moment at BFFF? WE LOVE TO INVITE YOU TO OUR NEXT EDITION!

I LOVED my stay with you. There was so many great moments. Some of them which are just vague memories as it went very late..  Winning was super fun, but the people i met at the festival was the most memorable. And I would love to come again! 

Thank you very much for your time MARIE!



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