And once more: "The road is the goal!"


Having a look on Rolf Scheider's professional life is like diving into an adventure with many extraordinary steps and milestones. A journey between duties and desires, constant striving and inspirational entrepreneurship.

Besides running his own casting companies, he is also frequently standing in front of the camera, where he became a well-known entertainer in several TV-formats and shows. Let's have a quick chat with him...

Hello Rolf! we're glad to have you on board and want to start with a few simple questions:

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You've founded and owned successful casting companies like People International and the Casting Company - networking-platforms for professionals all around the world: What was the special thing about networking back then compared with today's possibilities? 

I'm in the advertising industry for 40 years now, I could write books about it... But back then - I'm talking about Paris in 1975 - when you wanted to run an successful and international advertising-agency or production-company international meant cities like Paris, London, Mailand, New York, L.A., a bit Barcelona and a bit South Africa... And Germany hasn't been connected to the fashion world yet like it is today!

There was no Internet and somehow everyone was working for him- or herself in his own city.

Nowadays with the internet and all the "positive sides" of technology, you can book a model or an actor within seconds via her agency or in most cases even through a direct call. E-Castings are more and more the rule and global has a new meaning now. Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime are the connections to the person you want to have!

But you can't expect success without having also personal connections all over the world. That's why we still have to be constantly on the road...  

You've worked as a correspondent for the Madame Magazine and the PARIS BURDA GROUP in the early 1990's. Till today you're writing for fashion magazines like Tout va Bien or the internet mag GoSee: Your most exciting story? Tell us a secret!

I'm working for over 25 years with fashion, photography and magazines, so my personal nostalgia obviously goes to the 1990's  

My highlights were those days when the supermodels ruled the catwalks... meeting them backstage at their shows was très magnifique...


Claudi, Naomi, Giselle, Cindy… and then meeting all the designers in person, you all knew them by name back then... Yes Saint Laurent, Mr. Givenchy, Mr. Ungaro , Gianni Versace, the first shows of Alexander Mc Queen, John Galliano, the unbelievable Kenzo shows, Thierry Kugler, Jean Paul Gaultier!
A secret? Plenty... But maybe next time.

Just six years ago you've opened two Model- and People-Agencies here in Berlin: one is the 1A Management the other one is Specialbooking. Tell us something about it...

With my agencies in Berlin I'm representing Ex-Topmodels, who used to be icons... Interesting people in general, which I find over my CASTING COMPANY's private collection. To connect them with new people and creating a new aura and context is a matter of the heart for me, an interesting and exciting task!  

Rolf, quite obviously you don't stop looking for new tasks and challenges. What are your expectations for BFFF 2017 and what would be your advice since you’ve already joined us at our last event 2016!                    

Let's be honest: I take part in at least 10 festivals in a year... Since 35 Years Cannes Lions, ADC, die Klappe, Ciclope etc. What is it all about? To meet each other! See people and be seen, make new exciting contacts... For production companies, directors, actors, models, creatives in general and mayby to go home with a prize!  

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Thank you for your time! We are looking forward to have you at our award show once again - This time on another seat! 


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