When one+one equals three


"The biggest creative digital production company on the planet. Fighting mediocrity and deadlines since 2001. Available for high-end production and high fives."

MEDIAMONKS high five from us then!  

When storytelling combined with outrageous technical skills creates something that is pushing your senses forward, you get the feeling, you've just gained an experience you cannot imagine away, instead you feel obliged to share and spread this message immediately with your friends, then you've probably seen something from the MEDIAMONKS.

The Innovation Task Force which has installed its monasteries almost all around the world, from
Amsterdam, London, Stockholm, Dubai, New York, LA, São Paulo, Singapore up to Shanghai - though the world wide web seems to be their real home - is surely using, (almost exhausting) 
all possible options connected with technological and digital developments.

We love when creativity does not accept any borders. And when use of tech has a mind bending and inspiring purpose: The decision for the right technique, right platform, right media vibe to tell a story on a really good way, that activates our brain cells and of course our happiness hormones! 

Games, films, interactive installations, digital campaigns what else could we ask for? 

Their motto: "People need to get something they want to spread to their friends!" An agenda we feel very obliged and emotionally connected to! Showing the world what's possible on its best. 



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