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Before we start to talk... You might like to have a close look on the film below, just click play and we can jump right in all together! Today's topic is nothing more and nothing less than our brilliant craft category CINEMATOGRAPHY... Welcome to our #FashionFilmFriday!


by Cristian Straub
Winner Best Cinematography 2012 

What else is curiosity than the flaming will to take in a new perspective? Suddenly being at close range with things that usually prefer to be untouched or out of reach, simply because they are too precious or located too far away...

The possibility of experiencing unknown places, never-seen objects or to see a face from a distance as if you’re able to touch it went into a new dimension around 120 years ago: We are talking about the camera, the almost unbelievable chance to catch and capture light and about those who use this magical feature to create art!

We had to learn a new way of looking at things while our curiosity got a new playground to wander about. What is normal for us today - since almost each and everyone of us has one waiting in the pocket... - started huge and heavy, could be barely moved... Step by step it got more handy, more accurate, more personal...

Our only part is to activate our empathy, curiosity and to keep our eyes open... When cinematography is done right intimacy arises and we're no longer passive recipients, we are taking part in something big. We love how the illusion of moving pictures is touching us and is activating our senses! 

To all the cinematographers: Thanks for putting things into perspective, thanks for being the directors closest and more patient collaborators and thanks for teaching us how to look!

These are just few examples for great cinematography, have a look on our winners list and enjoy, it´s a list fully equipped with terrific, subtle, extravagant and always sensitive masterpieces of cinematographic art! 


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