Our answer: It is something like a pear with a pink propeller, that flies around and smells like summer.

In a society that is communicating with almost no speed-limitations, which is networking on various levels and via different channels at the same moment, using the newest technology on the market and combining retro chic with newest garment to express itself on the street and in the office... A society, that still strives to test its complexity: fashion films seem to be the perfect echo to that sound, the sound of our suspense-packed modern days!

When it comes to the quantity of things we are consuming during a day, a week, not mentioning a year - 
fashion films seem to perfectly fit in the
concepts of our strolling through the world: They are using a short amount of time to build up a story, present and explore a thought and of course creating atmospheres - that stick in our minds and trigger our sensitivity for style, design and beyond that: our way of life! 

Speaking in terms of literature, fashion films are like aphorisms: Images "small" enough to be carried around easily and "big" enough to make one think or even smile all day long... films with a strong emphasis on style - located somewhere between commerce and 'fine arts'...

For now: Have a look on how some of the renowned and prestigious directors, who already have carved their names in the books of international film history, have interpreted the chance, the occasion, the lovely task to shoot something that is a poem and at the very moment connects us with an object, a scent, a piece of fabric or even a drink... 

We are thinking of our beloved fairytale-creator Wes Anderson... directors like Park Chan-Wook (We just want to say: OLDBOY!!!) or Nicolas Winding Refn, thinking of his films like DRIVE, or his recent fashion-world related blockbuster THE NEON DEMON... 

New approaches to deal with our cultural identity, gentle examples for modern aestheticism, and -once and for all- opportunities to expand and scout fresh creative expressions. Films that redefine the relation between form and function

We love to play and fool around - We love transparency and cleverness! Our emotions, dreams and fantasies want to be triggered, while our ideas are in constant demand! 
It’s a playground. Simple as that...

Welcome to #WinnersWednesday

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