CHAMPAGNE-SUPERMODELS-classy garments-DURAN DURAN: let´s sum it up as ROCK'N'ROLL

A couple of years ago one of the pioneer bands when it comes to music videos and music videos including SuperModels - Duran Duran - has handed us a gift. Today we thought it might be stimulating to unfold it once again after the elapsing time has wrapped it up in the silk papers of our memory. 

We are talking about Duran Duran's music video for "Girl Panic!" - More than nine minutes fully packed with glamour and exquisite entertainment! Check out below, it´s getting meta!

We´re not simply observing the 1990's catwalk shows icons like Yasmin Le Bon, Helena Christensen, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, or Eva Herzigová: We are experiencing a body switch moment that is looking for its equal... Pure Duran style, pure Rock'n'Roll, pure Glamour - the things we love! 

An 80's fantasy? From our point of view a fantasy that doesn't get old, a dream you are reactivating in your thoughts over and over again...

Shot by video mastermind Jonas Åkerlund (just have a look on the unbelievable list of major mega stars and brands he has worked with!) an incredible fashion, film and music interaction was captured for us and for always! Watch how much fun the whole team had while shooting...

Much appreciated sounds from the room next door: When the most appealing things the late 20th Century had to offer meet up and have a party! 

We wish everyone such an energy-loaded and inspiring atmosphere on set... As well as such flamboyant accomplices to shoot with!  



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