Interview with the Filmmaker: Gsus Lopez - It Melts


Writer, director and nominee of Best Emerging at BFFF 2014

We'd like to know more about "IT MELTS". What was the inspiration behind it ? The drive ?

"It Melts" was a product of my imagination really. The closer you get to the end, the more surreal it gets... But the inspiration came riding the London Underground when I saw a girl sitting opposite me who was eating a chocolate crepe and it started dripping on her handbag. That didn't seem to bother her but I wrote down a quick idea on my phone notes which questioned her actions

if that bag was of a higher value (both emotionally and economically). I thought, that some objects are magical because of how they've been made, or who made them, or even who owned them previously. The girl in IT MELTS, played by the wonderful actress Keira Duffy, is willing to do anything to save her bag (designed by Taeseok Kang).


What was the biggest challenge of it?

It took me between 6 - 10 months since I wrote the script to find the right partner in crime. It wasn't until I pitched the idea to Anastasia Miari and Darcy Glyn at Pigeons & Peacoks Magazine (published by London College of Fashion, which is where I was studying at the time) that "It Melts" started coming to life.

Other than that, having a small budget is always very challenging because these films are made out of love and favours by absolutely everyone involved.



In your opinion, what makes a good fashion film?

I don't really know what makes a good fashion film, but I do know what makes a bad one: models who can't act and only look at the camera and move weirdly like saying 'hey look at me, I'm so hot!'.

That's just boring... A photoshoot or a look book in movement should not be called 'fashion film'. But that's just my humble opinion.

Your film 'OUT' Received a lot of attention and recognition. Would you consider that your best work yet?

Yes, I think it is indeed. It is the longest that I have done (16 mins.) and I think it combines all the aspects that you have seen in my previous films. It is very stylish although it is not a fashion film, it's got a few surreal sequences, a sense of humor, and it's dark at times... OUT is a dramatic comedy or LGBTQ in terms of genre. The film also took me to the Berlinale last year which was a pretty big deal for me, and it has played in 17 festivals worldwide.

Ideally, I would love to carry on making fashion films but also keep on writing and directing more personal projects. At the moment I've got a fashion film, a music video, a couple of shorts on the table... and very slowly I'm writing a feature film, but only time will tell what takes off first. Hopefully 2016 will be a good year. Can't wait to start filming again.


You've been part of the BFFF family from the very beginning. What has been your experience and what can you tell us to help us improve?

Yes, you have screened 3 of my films there since 2012 and I have attended the festival on two occasions when I've been nominated for 'Best Emerging Talent'. I couldn't be more grateful. I'm very proud to be part of your family; it's an incredible support and it gives you credibility and confidence to keep on going.
The best thing about BFFF is how creative and humble everyone is, and that really goes with me.

It feels so down to earth, yet you are blown away at the screenings. The after party is also my favourite, don't ever change that. It's so much fun! 
The only thing I would 'improve' and this is for the sponsors out there... is perhaps to look after, partially or fully, the travel and accommodation expenses of the talent attending the festival. Other than that... I hope to see you again soon!


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