Editor in Chief at I-D Germany

Marangoni in London and Paris, as well as Photography at London College of Communication. Based in the Berlin VICE office, Alexandra is both writing editorial pieces for and developing new video content for the fashion channel.

Journalist and photographer Alexandra Bondi de Antoni is the brand-new editorial head of i-D Germany. She has previously worked as a freelancer for INDIE, Dazed and Confused, BLONDE and Material Girl and studied Fashion Business at the Istituto 

#1 Coming from a background in photography, do you think that you view fashion film differently – having both creative and business experience?


Brands and also magazines can establish a strong visual identity through creative and innovative films. I am a big fan of the work of Nick Knight and his Showstudio. What there are doing is amazing. This platform helped me to understand what fashion films are all about.

To be completely honest, it took me quite a while to understand the meaning and importance of fashion films. I always worked with still images and quite liked to freeze moments. But after a while I realized their beauty and also the great opportunities you have doing a fashion film and not “just” showing images. 

#2 Why do you think brands have started to develop in the fashion film world, do you think that a brand is more identifiable through moving image rather than, for example, a show?

universe. Nowadays customers want more and brands are kind of forced to deliver this certain more to stay in business. Customers do not just buy products anymore they buy into the brand.

With fashion films you are able to add that extra layer. You can show the brand’s identity in a much clearer way then with just – lets say – a show. The music, lighting and most of all the storyline – if it is good it all adds up and you are able to create a 

"Customers do not just buy products anymore they buy into the brand"

#3 In what way do you think that the presence and expansion of online publications and various blogging websites has helped to grow the fashion film industry, with content being much more attainable? If is with content being much more attainable? Is it difficult to differentiate quality over quantity?

obviously the quality goes down as everybody thinks that he or she has a talent to d something. Do not get me wrong, I think that everyone should do whatever he or she wants but one has also to admit to oneself that one might not be as good at something and just stop doing it. With the Internet this thinking kind of doesn’t exist anymore. 

With the oversaturation of information and content available online it can be really tricky not to lose track. We click through hundreds of images and videos each day and it is easy to get lost in the data (think about our short attention span as well). On the one hand it is good that we have easy access to everything but on the other hand

#4 i-D Magazine is noted as being a consistent source of inspiration for those involved in fashion culture, how important do you view events like that of Berlin Fashion Film Festival in the bringing together of individuals for fashion culture and various shared interests?

An exchange of ideas is what drives the industry forward. Talking and listening is the key. 

Events like the Berlin fashion Film Festivals are amazing as they connect established names with younger talents – like i-D did for the last 35 years. 

#5 In terms of the Fashion Films that are being presented, will you be looking for anything in particular from this year’s Berlin fashion Film Festival?

(Also at the after party, or maybe I am not supposed to say that?)"

"I am excited to meet a lot of new people and have a good time.